After more than 22 years of performing aeroacoustics research at NLR, I started my own company in September 2014.

My focus will be kept on aeroacoustics .

My passion is to get the best out of aeroacoustic measurements,  for example in wind tunnels, on aircraft engines, or on wind turbines.

Optimizing aeroacoustic measurements can be done by:
  • designing optimum positions of microphones in a “microphone array”,
  • accurate modelling of the acoustic field,
  • applying advanced “beamforming” methods for post-processing the measured acoustic data.

During my NLR career, I have been working on each of the above-mentioned topics. This has led to a series of publications. Highlights can be found here.

Information about my current work can be found on the activities page.  Further details of PSA3 can be found here. For any further information, please feel free to contact me.